Teaming up with a company that can help you accomplish every part is invaluable. Plant World offers wholesale pricing on a healthy selection of acclimated plants grown and maintained by highly trained horticulture specialists unavailable at other garden centers.

New products and varieties are available on-site, and our selection offers a multitude to choose from every day of the year.

Becoming a member of Plant World is easy…and free! Simply fill in the online registration form and once your information has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your account number, website User ID and password.

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The benefits don’t stop there. As a Landscape Professional with Plant World, you’ll shop the largest selection of plants, trees, and shrubs in New Mexico. You’ll also be part of a one-stop shopping experience, able to stock materials – including bulk ground covers and landscaping supplies – all on-site, with dependable shipping, delivery, and unmatched customer service.

If you need more information, our staff can answer any questions about your new membership and its details. Call or email them today.

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